Weekly Photo Challenge: UP


Photo 5

I have always loved gazing UP into trees, so when I approached this challenge that’s the first place my mind went.  Spring is in bloom here in Central Kentucky and so are my allergies!  As I walked around the yard I snapped another UP view in some larger trees.

Photo 1 (4)Photo 2

I like the way the sun is peeking through the feathery limbs.  It was slightly overcast today, which helped diffuse the brightness of the sun somewhat.  I decided to saunter around back and took my cup of coffee that I always serve in my old Louisville Stoneware mug.

Photo 2 (1)

I have a few of these mismatched mugs and they are my favs when drinking a hot beverage.  I find them at flea markets and snag them up, not caring much about what they say, only the color and how they fit in my hand.  There were so many at one point that I had to thin them out.  Okay, I’m drifting from the topic…back to the UP photos.

Around back I took this photo of my neighbor’s old garage.  I live in a neighborhood inside the city, but this garage with its loft, makes it almost feel like being in the country.  A huge fan of anything green, I love it that much more.

Photo 3

Then I noticed the bright, green moss growing on the roof of my dilapidated storage building and decided to snap a shot.  I really, really like old, primitive things, but this is beyond repair I think!

Photo 4

The sky is absolutely gorgeous today and I thoroughly enjoyed going out in my backyard and looking UP.



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